Special Populations badge

Special Populations

To earn this badge, students explore the life circumstances and related bio/psycho/social conditions that warrant special attention in understanding health risks of populations.

People with characteristics or circumstances that have unique health implications may include the groups and subgroups such as: women, children, ethnic minority groups, people with disabilities, the LBGT community, older adults, and people living in poverty, as examples. By Students will examine specific health risks and approaches to addressing these risks.

Program Requirements: Students will take 12 credits of classes. At least 6 credits must be within the Department of Behavioral and Community Health and 6 credits may be taken outside the department. No more than 6 credits of independent study may be used, and must be separated into two different content areas.

Students must earn a C- or higher in each of the courses to be awarded the badge and submit a final reflection describing the skills they have learned in health communication as a result of the cluster of courses.
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