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Badging 101 at UMD

What are badges and microcredentials?

Microcredentials represent educational achievements that convey the learning or mastery of specific skills or competencies. A badge is a digital representation of the completion of a microcredential, in much the same way that a diploma is a physical representation of the completion of a degree program. Microcredentials do not appear on a student’s official transcript. Instead, the badge issued can be displayed on a student’s electronic portfolio or LinkedIn profile and will be visible to prospective employers.

What is the value?

Badges communicate to employers specific skills or accomplishments that students have attained while at the University of Maryland. Often, these skills are not obvious from a student’s transcript. Furthermore, there may be activities that don’t appear on the transcript that contribute to the student’s accomplishments. The badge makes these skills evident, and can differentiate students from others with similar academic accomplishments.

How are they used by employers?

Your badges can be displayed on your ePortfolio, your LinkedIn profile, or other professional social media sites. The badge will help to distinguish you from other applicants by highlighting specific skills and accomplishments. Employers can view the badge details to see what was required to earn the badge, and badges issued by the University of Maryland will be verified and backed by the University.

Who is the accrediting authority?

Badges will be issued and validated by the University of Maryland. While students may be able to earn badges from other places, only those issued through this program will indicate that they have been validated by the University of Maryland.

student question illustration

For Students:

How do I know what badges I could attain?

We will keep a list of available University of Maryland badges on this web site. For more information about a specific badge, please contact the relevant contact person listed.

How do I get the badge image to use?

Badges you earn will be automatically issued in your Portfolium account. You can view the badge details and import it to other sites.

I have a suggestion for a future badge. Who can I contact?

We require badges to be sponsored by an academic unit or program on campus. If you have an idea for a badge, you can either pitch your idea to a program that you are aware of that might be interested in creating the badge, or contact Doug Roberts ( in the Office of Undergraduate Studies and we will help find a program to sponsor the badge.

I have so much experience in this certain skill/field, can I make my own badge?

You can not create your own badge and expect it to be verified and branded as a University Maryland badge. All University of Maryland branded badges must go through the approval process found on this site.

For Faculty

As a faculty or staff member, how do I make a badge available to students?

Please see Procedures for faculty and staff. It outlines the process for getting a badge approved in our system. If you have any questions or would like some consultation prior to submitting an application, please contact Doug Roberts (